The Archevore Diet

I've taken the greek word Arche, which refers to the underlying or essential, and combined it with the latin -vore to create a word that means "one who eats of the essentials". Archevory refers both to a dietary approach which strives to focus on essentials without superfluity, but also to the yearning to consume or learn about essential principles in general. The Archevore diet and approach to health is centered on a simple idea - that the diseases of civilization are largely related to abandonment of the metabolic conditions we evolved under - what I have termed the "evolutionary metabolic milieu" - EM2. I believe we can make sense of many of the diseases that are prevalent now and relate them to some simple but profound changes that have occurred with the introduction of agriculture and the more recent industrialization of our foodways. These changes are related to how the food environment, including it's cultural and biological availability, interacts with the metabolic environment in our bodies. My conception of the EM2 is not derived from a single science or field of inquiry, but draws first on medical sciences like biochemistry and endocrinology, and only then looks back with history and paleoanthropology. It is becoming clear now that many of the diseases afflicting humanity are not a natural part of the aging process, but may be side effects of technological and cultural changes in the way we eat and live that have occurred since the dawn of agriculture roughly 10,000 years ago, and especially in the past few hundred years. These changes seem to center largely on the sequential introduction of what I call neolithic agents of disease - wheat, excess fructose and excess linoleic acid. On this website I will post on elements of the best electric guitar under 500. Archevore theory and how to emulate the EM2, hopefully minimizing the modern diseases of civilization. I will also post commentary about scientific studies, critique prevailing paradigms about healthy behavior and provide links so you can do further reading on various topics. Please note that I cannot give specific or individualized medical advice.

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